Cleaning at move-in and move-out

Cleaning after tenants is a very time-consuming task which is always required after renters leave the apartment or house.

Often, homeowners turn to their realtors to find a bona fide tenant. Unfortunately, reliable tenant is not automatically an indicator of cleanliness. By the end of the lease, homeowners are left with dirt, traces of tenants’ activities, trash, and other unpleasant leftovers. Cleaning after tenants is best to be entrusted to a professional. It will ensure your home’s tidiness and neatness.

The team of professionals at VIP MIA CLEANING will restore your property in a matter of hours. We are contacted by realtors and homeowners after the departure of their tenants. VIP MIA CLEANING has extensive experience in restoring homes into their original state. Our clients trust us with even the toughest cases and are always satisfied with the results.

Cleaning the property after renting out requires a whole range of activities needed to bring it to its original state, because the proper condition of the apartment is an important requirement for further rentals of your premises. The cost of rent and the speed of securing new tenants depend on the appearance of the property.

VIP MIA CLEANING understands its’ responsibility and appreciates every client. This is why we work for the result which would definitely satisfy the customer.

Entrust the cleanliness of your home to professionals.