Сleaning post construction

Post-construction cleaning is the final stage of any makeover or repair works. This type of cleaning requires strict adherence to clean-up technology and is planned in advance. Always important to take into account the type and quantity of post-construction pollution. Cleaning after repairs involves the removal of residues of construction compounds from all surfaces. Each is removed in the most efficient but safe way for the surfaces. Any work is performed in 3 stages:

· Preparation (selecting needed tools, products, harmless chemicals, etc.);

· Cleaning;

· Surface finishing (drying, polishing, applying protective compounds and antistatic).

We provide post-construction cleaning on a contractual basis. Customer chooses among the options offered by our cleaning specialist and approves the scope of work.

Who can you trust to clean your apartment or house after repairs or construction works? Only professionals who are carry personal responsibilities for your property. Only the company, which gives documentary guarantees.

VIP MIA CLEANING conducts an impeccable cleaning and leaves behind only cleanliness and good reputation.

What is included in post-construction cleaning?


· Dusting walls and ceiling

· Wet cleaning of A/C units

· Vacuuming the floors

· Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards

· Dust removal from all light sources

· Wet cleaning of window sills, radiators, and pipes

· Cleaning mirrors and glass surfaces

· Wet cleaning of all types of furniture

· Dust removal from household appliances

· Removal of non-construction garbage

· Dust removal from doorways

· Wet cleaning of doors and hardware

· Dusting of all home décor pieces

· Wiping insides of furniture (in the absence of filling)

· Vacuuming upholstered furniture

· Special care for leather furniture

· Washing chandeliers (with exception of crystal chandeliers)

· Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards with bactericidal and care products


· Dusting walls and ceiling

· Cleaning the surfaces of hood and stove

· Washing the oven and microwave from outside

· Washing and cleaning the refrigerator from outside and inside

· Wet cleaning kitchen countertops

· Washing wall panels

· Removing dust from kitchen appliances

· Removing stains of paint and whitewashing

· Cleaning and disinfecting sinks

· Washing and disinfecting the garbage area and the bin itself

· Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards with bactericidal and care products


· Dusting walls and ceiling

· Washing and disinfecting all sinks, toilets, bidet, shower and bath

· Full-height tile wash

· Removing complicated dirt from showers and bathtubs

· Removing plaque and water stone

· Ceiling washing

· Removing medium to heavy dirt



Request a post-construction cleaning with confidence in the result! We will take care of the mess!