Apartment/house cleaning? That sounds easy!

Yet in reality – here is no way out of this carpet stain, there is that unreachable dust behind the cabinet…Professional cleaning allows you to forget about such troubles and see with your own eyes what the real cleanliness is. It is not only about clean windows, floors, and ceilings…but it’s that fresh air you feel after our professional cleaning!

For any reason, you do not intend to clean your home on your own? The “Miami cleaning service” is just what you’ve been searching for! To find a cleaning company is simple but much more difficult is to find your cleaning company. The one, whose employees see eye to eye with you.

How apartment/house cleaning is conducted?

Our cleaning specialists work in accordance with the terms agreed upon with the client. Cleaning is performed both in the presence of homeowner and/or in your absence.

All types of service involve the use of safe products (per client’s choice), advanced equipment and tools.

What is included in the standard apartment/house cleaning service?


· Dust removal of chandeliers, lamps, scones (with an exception of crystal chandeliers)

· Changing linens and making the beds

· Dusting and wiping all furniture, appliances, décor pieces, and other available surfaces (vases, picture frames, etc.)

· Dusting A/C units and ceiling fans

· Polishing of mirror surfaces

· Using special sprays on TVs and other electronic appliances

· Polishing of door blocks

· Wet cleaning of all furniture (tables, shelves, cabinets, and other surfaces not higher than 6.5’ ft)

· Dry clean/vacuuming of upholstered furniture and carpets

· Polishing of wooden surfaces of furniture

· Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards with bactericidal and care products

· Taking the garbage out


· Cleaning the surfaces of hood and stove

· Dust removal and degreasing of kitchen furniture and appliances

· Cleaning and disinfecting sinks

· Washing and disinfecting the garbage area and the bin itself

· Washing the oven, microwave, and refridgerator from outside

· Washing cabinet surfaces

· Taking the garbage out


· Cleaning all light sources

· Washing tile surfaces from floor to ceiling

· Washing and disinfecting all sinks, bidet, shower and bath

· Washing and disinfecting the toilet

· Removing plaque and water stone

· Wet cleaning of floors and baseboards with bactericidal and care products


· Carefully folding or hanging your clothes

· Arranging the shoes

Not included in basic service

· Don’t lift or move heavy object and furniture

· Don’t sort the storage room/cabinets

· Don’t clean the walls

· Don’t remove deep stains

· Don’t clean in hard-to-reach places

If you need any of these services, please refer to our deep clean option

-What is dust?

- We don’t know, we don’t see. Well, we saw but cleaned it up