About Us

Cleaning – is an eternal “problem” for many of us; but now, you may breathe easy for we are here to your rescue. We are a young, but very promising and successfully developing company – VIP MIA CLEANING.

We are improving our skills every day, refining and mastering new modern cleaning techniques. As a result, we carry out A-class, honest and diligent results. The main feature that distinguishes us from other similar companies is the scrupulous commitment to high quality standards and an individual approach to every client.

Why are we not widely advertised? Simply because we believe, that our best publicity is perfectly carried out work and friends’ referrals from our lovely clients. We are the best in the world of cleanliness and neatness, because:

  • · Our employees put their 100% in every service.
  • · Management of VIP MIA CLEANING knows firsthand what the detergent, vacuum, mop and the broom are; all because our president started her career path from the lowest steps of a career ladder. This gives us a unique advantage to subtly feel each client’s unspoken wishes and fulfill them with pleasure. Hence, your feedback on our work always stays positive.
  • · The most effective driver of any employee – is their modest salary. It helps us avoid dishonest performance of their duties.
  • · Every jobsite is constantly checked by the manager to ensure controlled work-process of each employee.
  • · While guarding the cleanliness of your home, we only use trustworthy and safe for humans and environment products.

Leave your request directly on the website or request a call-back and we will gladly complete your order.

VIP MIA CLEANING will bring the cleanliness, neatness and harmony into your home.